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Our Story

  Coyote Flaco was origionally established in Port Chester, New York, in 1989. It all started when my father, Luis Lopez, came to the United States from Ecuador with my mother, myself, and two brothers Jamie and Jihnson. 

    My Family has worked alongside eachother for many years, and each day we learn something new from eachother, as well as our customers. We realized that our "customers" were more like our family. It's what made me decide that my true passion in life is to run this resturaunt, and keep growing the Coyote Flaco Family. 

     Jamie once told me that this resturaunt is not just a business, but it's more like another brother. Another member of our family. Ever since then, I have dedicated each day to providing the best service, food, and devotion I can to my resturaunt and community. 

    I thank my friends, family, and patrons for giving me the oppurtunity to share some positivity and culture to Hudson. 

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